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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Art Final

     Alright, so the real reason I haven't posted anything in the last two or three day is because it's finals week, so I've been up late doing homework and the like. However, I just got done with my Art Final and I'd thought I'd post it because I haven't posted a lot.
     And as a first time blogger, I was looking around on the internet and a lot of the 30 day challenges for bloggers included pictures. So I thought, hey why not a picture of my art?
     I didn't really like this project for mainly two reasons: I don't like Andy Warhol, and I don't like Pop Art. But hey, it's school, so what can you do? Tell the teacher you don't want to?
     So I did it, and I am pleased with the results. I figured out I actually kind of like collaging things, and that I have a new view on Andy. I still don't like his art work that much, but I feel like I know him as an artist better. If I had to use one word to describe Andy, I would say 'childish' as in he viewed the world as a child would. He didn't seem like he got the concept of dying, and he felt like everybody should love everybody (his quote of this is in the top picture).
     I also feel that I can connect more with Andy than anyone else in my class because he had aspergers, which I have as well. Aspergers is a mild form of autism. People with aspergers usually are socially awkward, take things very literally, and are very naive about the workings of the world. Many people exhibit symptoms of aspergers, but it takes a lot of symptoms to be diagnosed with aspergers.
     The next word I would use to describe Andy is 'lost'. It was like he didn't know where his place was in the world, and he was almost trying to find a reason for life.
     So yeah, there's my cheery, gooey reflection on my art work. Tell me what you think! And wish me luck on my next four finals!

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